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Do you have what it takes to win a National Championship, coach?

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College BBALL Coach Updated to 1.2.10

by Dave Zolnier April 3, 2017

GO AHEAD AND RETIRE! Fixed a bug where certain coaches could not retire. Talk about an endless job! We also tweaked the sim engine for tournament games as well as fixed a bug on the view player screen. Additional tweaks to various display items were also addressed. Thanks for your continued support on our great game!

College BBALL Coach 1.2.05 Released

by Dave Zolnier Jan 28, 2017

STUPID DATABASES! We identified a MAJOR inconsistency with the database platform that stores game data. This is the reason some of you have been having schedule/sim/season-end issues. Lots of other updates/fixes, including reputation increases based on coaching performance and more!

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College BBALL Coach Updated to Version 1.2.00!

by Dave Zolnier Jan 12, 2017

From adding the Zolnier Performance Index (ZPI), to naming your coach, to being able to retire and join the fall of fame and more, we've packed a ton of updates into this one!

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College BBALL Coach 1.1.01 Released

by Dave Zolnier Jan 11, 2017

Recruiting is FIXED! Nuff said! You should find a fair balance of challenge and fairness with recruiting now and recruits have more realistic chances of committing to the schools in the lead points position. You should see v1.1.01 show up in the app stores very soon!

Our New Website is Live!

by Dave Zolnier Jan 7, 2017

Well, it's about time we cleaned up this place! We hope you enjoy visiting our new home and feel free to drop us a quick note via the contact form below. We know you're full of great ideas!

College BBALL Coach Updated to Version 1.1.00!

by Dave Zolnier Jan 6, 2017

BIG update for 2017!
We completely recoded the recruiting logic for a more realistic challenge level, along with many other updates. Read on to learn about all of the big improvements!

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Our Newest Game:

Be a college basketball coach in this unique entertainment sim!

Are you ready, coach?

Manage your team roster order and gameplan to determine the most effective player matchups for every game.

Easy to play!

Games are simulated based on easy-to-understand player matchups, ratings and abilities.

Quick and fun mini-games!

Simulate or play any of the 20+ practice drills to improve your players and give them a boost for their next game.

Take Your Team All the Way!

Progress through a 32-game regular season that culminates in your conference tournament or even the national championship tournament, if you're so lucky!!

A full recruiting simulation after every season!

Find the next breakout star to add to your roster and challenge other schools in exciting recruiting battles.

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Announcing the release of College BBALL Coach on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon App Store!

Just Released: A Mobile Game That College Basketball Fans Are Sure to Love!
Zolnier Games, one of the newest and most innovative mobile app companies in today’s digital space unveils its latest unique college basketball game – College BBALL Coach! This “entertainment sim” style game is sure to entertain and challenge basketball fans of all ages!

Dec 15, 2016

by Dave Zolnier

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College BBALL Coach Updated to Version 1.2.05!


Well, we're excited to say that we have identified the MAJOR cause of some of the strange schedule, player and game sim issues that some people have been having and it's related to the database platform that the game uses to store (and update) most of the data it needs. Turns out that this database platform has some undocumented MAJOR inconsistencies when writing/updating large amounts of data on mobile devices and, gee - updating 3,490+ players, teams and schedules is a prime example of 'large' amounts of data! This issue has been driving us NUTS, to say the least! That said, we have been working diligently to ensure that the game handles this frustrating deficiency appropriately and all seems much better now. We'll continue to monitor this platform and address any other workarounds as necessary, but you should find a LOT more consistency now!

Reputation increases! Yes, you asked for it and now if you have a few successful seasons with a team, you just might find your team has been awarded a reputation increase! And they say hard work doesn't pay off!

You can now see the reputation (stars) rating for each team at the top of their roster screen.

Extra roster validation check (beyond the fixes mentioned above) at the beginning of each season.

Small tweaks to recruiting logic.

Addressed mRand error that a few people have been getting during recruiting.

Minor tweak to ZPI and team ranking calculations.

Update should be live on all app stores shortly:


College BBALL Coach Updated to Version 1.2.00!


Added the Zolnier Performance Index (ZPI), which is a measure of a team's performance throughout the season. It is based on a combination of a team's home and away wins and losses, their opponents' & opponents-opponents' wins and losses and their wins against ranked teams. A team's rank, their ZPI and the overall strength of their schedule (SoS) are now major factors in a team getting invited to the National Championship Tournament. ZPI is available after week 10.

After week 10, you can now see the ZPI Rank, SoS Rank and National Tournament prediction (IN/OUT) for each team, when viewing their roster in the Teams and Players screen.

Added HALL OF FAME and the ability to retire! Check out the round Hall of Fame button on the bottom of the Title screen!

You can now name your coach! A coach who has no name needs an identity! (Get the reference? Sometimes I think I'm funny...)

You can also edit your coach's name at any time in the Settings screen for each season.

Tweaks to the My Career screen. Added 'Retire this Coach' button.

Added What's New summary screen, which you can see any time via the 'Whats New' button on the bottom of the Title screen.

Small tweaks and error checks to recruiting logic.

You can now see exactly how many recruiting points have been allocated from each team in the View Recruit screen. This should help in determining how many recruiting points separate the various schools.

You can now view the list of players a team is recruiting right in their team roster screen.

Increased font size in tournament brackets as well as various button sizes

Tweaks to difficulty in free throw practice drill

Added ZPI rankings list to the Polls & Standings section

Misc bug fixes, including My Career and Play Tournament screens.

Tweaks to Main Menu screen layout.

Grab the update for your appropriate platform here:


College BBALL Coach Updated to Version 1.1.00!

BIG update for 2017!

Completely recoded the recruiting logic for a more realistic challenge level, but you'll have 2 additional scholarships to offer now!

Added two new store items to help with recruiting: 20% and 30% points boost options.

Ability to see commits in team rosters during recruiting.

You can now tap a team in the view recruit screen to jump right to their roster to see how many commits they have.

Tweaks to recruit generation.

Completely recoded end-of-season processing for a smoother transition.

Passing and shooting in various practice drills made easier.

Various button sizes increased to make it easier on smaller screens.

Added checks to resume on certain screens in case of unusual app exit.

Tweaks to in-season team ranking calculations.

Tweaks to game simulation engine.

Grab the update for your appropriate platform here: